Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The latest!

There have been some serious problems lately. My brain has been shifting between thoughts faster than ever before and it makes me feel like I'm going into a system overload. I honestly don't know what to do about this. Or really, anything that's going on.

Right now, things are a mess. Some things are good, while others are bad. Other things may just seem irrelevent, but hey, this is my blog, right? I'm here to let everything out in an attempt to clear my overloaded mind, so I'm going to do exactly that.

Emily and I are a wonderful couple, but there are some serious complications that I really don't think I should discuss here. Although, you should know that we're happy with one another. The problems that we're dealing with are not with one another, rather we just need to be strong together and pull through some very obnoxious stuff. We're growing as individuals and as a couple and it sure isn't easy sometimes, but we always bounce back with smiles on our faces within' a few moments. I love her. She loves me. That wont change. Ever. One day in the distant future, I'll be standing by her side, hand in hand, in front of everyone, waiting to say the words "I do."

In other news, I'm broke. Still, I've been trying to apply to jobs more now than ever before. I've even sent my resume to a bunch of random places, including various computer-themed jobs from local listings. I've had no bites, but there's still hope, although I'm still annoyed at how long it's taking me to land a real job.

I haven't had as much trouble with my family recently because I've been spending an awful lot of time with my girlfriend and her family. I'm still generally annoyed by their antics, but I can deal with things like that more when I'm not spending as much time around them. I guess this is a positive thing, though.

I've been spending most of my gaming time with my DSi XL. I upgraded from a silver DS Lite a few weeks back and ever since, I've been hooked. I play a whole lot of Pocket Monsters: Black with a hard-coded English patch for most of the important text, but I do play other games from time to time, depending on my mood.

There's still some WoW time here and there, but even when I do log in, I just don't feel as attached as I used to. I was never truly addicted, but I used to spend a whole lot more time playing that by comparison to other games. Now, I'd rather play some Borderlands, Left 4 Dead 2 or even a random puzzle game. Still, when Cataclysm drops, I'll likely be playing WoW a whole lot again for a good while.

I've slowly stepped farther away from the idea of getting drunk with friends constantly. I still drink every other week or so, but I don't typically get much more than a buzz. I did get drunk enough to puke recently, but that's a rarity and even pushes me even farther away from alcohol. Right now, I don't have any desire to touch alcohol and I feel stronger about that every time I drink. Perhaps some day soon, I wont want to drink alcohol at all. We'll see, I guess!

My diet has pretty much been cancelled for the past 2 weeks, what with the opening of the new Cici's, a trip to Hibachi, several trips to Burger King and a few late-night snacks during bouts of frustration. However, there's a brand new Planet Fitness opening up that's located in Golden Ring, which is down the road only a small way from where I live. That's a serious thing for me, considering the "24/5" operating hours and the fact that I can get transportation there at almost any time. Hopefully this inspiration lasts long enough to get my foot in the door. Once it's there, I'll start getting serious again and it'll all just click into place.

I haven't been hanging out with people as much lately. This is actually a personal choice, as I just haven't been in the mood to actually go out and do a whole lot lately. My friends are great people, but I just can't be going crazy and putting on my game face 24/7 these days. I'm into way too much random stuff! Still, if you're reading this and you want to make plans, make sure you do so a week or two in advance. I try to keep an actual schedule these days most of the time in order to keep everything going at a nice pace without the risk of things overlapping.

Hanging around Emily's family has done something very odd to me. I'm still the same over-the-top guy with an obscene sense of humor, but my "potty mouth" has been towned down quite a bit because I've had to watch what I say most of the time out of respect for the company I keep. This is by no means a bad thing, but I'm just surprised that it's becoming a permanent change.

My air conditioner broke. I hated being without it at first, but I've become so used to it that it just doesn't bother me anymore. I used to have it on all winter long, but now, it just doesn't matter. Of course, I'll be saying otherwise once it gets hot again, but I'm sure I'll get another air conditioner when that time comes. But everyone who knows me understands how crazy that is. R.I.P. air conditioner! You provided me with 8 years of constant airflow all year-round! You were truly an amazing piece of technology!

On that note, I think it's time to end this blog. I might post more sometime soon. We'll see. Otherwise, take care. Good night everyone!

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